Everyday Car Owners and Businesses around them!

We help drivers meet their financial goals by driving around with local business brands advertised on their vehicles, all managed by an intelligent AI powered system.



For Car Owners

We help you earn up to (+950₺) monthly for driving with an AD on your car, an AD that you support as per your accounts AD choices. The more you drive, the more you earn!


For Businesses

Hassle Free! Select your preferred target geographic location from your account to promote your brand and we will do the rest, from wrapping to mobilizing vehicles to that area.


Premium Wrapping

Grade-A vinyl glossy decals, created to last months! Extremely safe to cars! We offer a full service approach including graphic design of the car decals, plus a Proof of Wrap.


Drone View + AI

We distribute Weekly analytics reports for our clients to verify the performance of all drivers in a campaign plus access to live drone monitoring! All accessed by your own account dashboard.


How do I become a driver with CitySpiders?

Applying is simple. Interested drivers visit CitySpiders website and click on "Car Owner" on the top right-hand side of the web page or "Drive with us" menu.

Qualified drivers earn +$950₺ per month for the duration of the campaign. All drivers have to do is drive as they normally would. The more you drive, the more you earn.

Let's get you started with CitySpiders

It is a quick and simple application that allows CitySpiders to better understand your driving patterns, mechanism, and locations.