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Cityspiders - a platform that combines the power of AI, Machine Learning, Automations, Elite Customer Services, Data Analytics, and Incident Responding; In a mission to change the future of marketing!

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    They will contact you! we need to verify that the account holder is representing the company and acting on its behalf, it takes a few hours to verify that.

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We're a data-driven company

CitySpiders offers a clear, easy and transparent services to help businesses to reach their audience using a verified vehicles network for CitySpiders Drivers, all managed through a smart dashboard with the help of AI, Machine Learning, Drone Live-View to support your decision, and third party traffic and weather reports .

Verification Process

We studied and learned from UBER and CAREEM verification processes! we built ours, and we added an extra touch - a bold one!

Premium Wrapping

Grade-A vinyl glossy decals, created to last months! Our (day/night) on-ground team visit every car joining your campaign to prepare and wrap it! we provide visual proof of wrap.

Service Coverage

CitySpiders is operating in Istanbul and soon in Dubai, Cairo and Riyadh; we are very aware of all the regulations for cars wrapping, and drones navigation as well.

Logistics Advantage

We go to our drivers, to wrap their cars, or remove the wrap after the campaign is ended! we pay our drivers using their country local channels, we know the know-how, and the perfect reach!

CitySpiders is proudly using DJI Phantom Drones

CitySpiders Live-Drones View helps businesses to better
monitor there on-ground vehicles and in taking decisions

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