Car Owners

We help you to earn (+950₺) each month for driving with an ad on your car, an ad that you support as per your ad choices defined in your driver account.

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    Create your Driver account

    It takes less than 1 minute to sign up for a CitySpiders driver account, and around 30 minutes in order to complete the account required information.

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    CitySpiders Verification Team

    We will be notified once you complete filling the account required information! It takes 1-3 days in order to get your account marked as "Verified".

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    You're all ready!

    You can join any of the new campaigns taking place in your city! As soon as you get your first campaign payment: you will be able to withdraw your money anytime, Your withdrawals will always be for your full available balance. we do not set any withdrawal limits.


Super easy, and Headache-Free

CitySpiders helps you to make extra money each month in a crystal clear, easy and transparent way, all our automations and processes were built with one purpose: to make things easy and simple to you!

We come to you!

Our (day/night) on-ground teams will visit your car to prepare and wrap it! or remove the wrap. Grade-A vinyl glossy decals, extremely safe and leaves ZERO marks on your car.

Easy Monitoring

During your ride, we only require you to keep CitySpiders Mobile App running in the background, just to help us to locate your vehicle and understand how effective is the mobile ad.

Easy Withdrawals

We can send your money to your bank account, via check, PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill! We are extremely sure that one of the above is applicable or available in your country.

We never share your information

Your information are safe with us, we never reveal your identity to any business account or third parties, all your data is confidential, we will never share anything without your permission.

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